Rabbis visit Jewish in Cayman

Two young Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbis are visiting the Cayman Islands as part of community outreach training.


Rabbis Bendet, right and Shanowitz show Anike Pelc how to make challah bread. Photo: Jewel Levy

Rabbis Yitzchok Bendet and Mendy Shanowitz arrived on island Tuesday and since that time has been meeting with unaffiliated Jews in Cayman to help them rediscover their heritage.

Cayman is the first stop on a three-stop trip including the Sister Islands in which Jews will be studying Jewish teachings and learning how to make challah bread.

The two are equipped with books, DVD’s brochures, Shabbat candles, a mezuzah religious scroll, and kosher food.

Rabbi Yitzchok and his travelling companion Rabbi Shanowitz said they are not visiting the Cayman Islands to convert people to Judaism but to develop something more concrete for Jews on the islands, meet individual needs and enhance their Judaism beliefs.

In the same sense he said their mission was not to exclude anyone who would like to speak with them to seek help in God’s ways.

The pair has already interacted with Jews on island and spoke about personal needs such as wanting to talk to a Rabbi, baking the challah bread and speaking about the prayer book, and small prayer scroll to be hung outside the door.

Jews in the community wishing to speak with the two Rabbis can contact Rabbi Yitzchok at 917-6694.

Facts about Judaism

It does not require that a person convert to Judaism to achieve salvation.

While Judaism accepts the worth of all people regardless of religion, it also allows people who are not Jewish but who voluntarily wish to join the Jewish people to do so.

Jews believe there is one God while Christian notions are God is made up of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

A Jew becomes a rabbi when one rabbinical ordination, earned by passing examinations on the Torah, which is a code for human behaviour and Talmud, discussions pertaining to Jewish law, ethics, customs and history.

Unlike a priest a rabbi marries, has children and experiences all the ups and downs of life that are part of the human condition.

One of the rabbi’s primary roles is to answer questions that members of his community may have about everyday behaviour so that it is in accordance with Jewish Law (halacha).

The rabbi, additionally, serves as a counsellor, giving members of the community advice and guidance.

The rabbi’s job is to inspire community members to become better people.

Challah Bread

Traditional Jewish bread made from egg enriched yeast dough that is baked into a slightly sweet tasting and soft-textured bread to be served for the Sabbat and holidays. Made with eggs, flour, yeast, vegetable oil, and sugar or honey, challah bread is often referred to as egg bread. The dough is divided into three, six or at times 12lve strands that are braided together before it is baked into a golden coloured loaf of twisted strands. The strands represent truth peace, and justice.