Cydonie200 metre finals barrier

Beijing (CIOC) – Breaking the barrier that has kept her out of the finals on three previous Olympic runs, Cydonie Mothersill reached deep and raced down the track in the 200 metres semi-finals and straight into the ultimate bid for the medal in the Bird’s Nest Wednesday.

mothersill 200m

Cydonie Mothersill waits for the results with anticipation. Photos: Shurna Robbins

Mothersill’s qualification is also the first time a Caymanian athlete has made it into the finals in the Olympic Games.

“I ran it like it was my finals,” says Mothersill. “I ran it like there was no tomorrow. And I live to fight another night.”

With a final time of 22.61 seconds, Mothersill’s overall ranking was ninth out of 16 runners.

Still waiting for the results to come up – there was something inside her that she knew she had done it. When the results appeared, she sighed with satisfied relief.

Talking about the race moments after coming out of the warm up room, Mothersill could not hold back her joy as she talked about the difference between Wednesday’s and Tuesday’s races.

“I am not really sure; I just ran. I just stayed in my lane and just kept on running 202 metres. I got knocked out four years ago. I am just so happy and I feel blessed,” said Mothersill.

The whole of the Cayman Islands must be celebrating Mothersill’s victory with her says Coach Kenrick Williams, certain the entire population in Cayman will be up early to watch the finals today.

“I know she is a warrior and I know she is a fighter,” says Williams. “And she is going to fight all the way to the end.”

Preparing for the finals tomorrow, Mothersill says she will keep on the same path, relax, stay calm and stay away from drama.

“I know that I am here for a reason and I believe in myself. I just have to go and run a bit harder than I did today,” she said.