Jet Ski makes waves in Fla.

A contingent of Jet Ski racers did well at a recent competition abroad.

Two racers finished in the top 10 out of field of about 50 racers hailing from the US, India and the Caribbean.

The two racers were Roshad Goff and Richard Gonzales. They finished 5th and 6th.

Goff, a West Bay native, raced in a 2007 supercharged Kawasaki Ultra 250 while Gonzales, a member of team Concrete Boys, was on a 2005 two-stroke converted Yamaha FX.

Those watercrafts, like many of the ones at the competition, could reach speeds of 85 and 90 miles an hour.

The young men were part of a team that travelled to Pompano Beach, Florida, for the 2008 Watercraft Challenge this month.

Other team members also had good performances but were victims of mechanical issues.

Vance Ramgeet, in his 2006 turbocharged Seadoo RXT, had a mechanical failure on the 4th lap that kept him from completing his final two laps.

George ‘Lulu’ Smith, in his 2007 supercharged Kawasaki Ultra 250, fell three laps short as he was knocked out of commission on lap three.

Both were in the top 10 of the field before falling out of the race.

All team members competed in the ‘Runabout open class’. They raced in sprint and endurance races along a circular course.

The course covered roughly 34 nautical miles from the Ocean Point resort in Pompano Beach down to Ft. Lauderdale.

The team drew a few Caymanian supporters who were in the area at the time of the race including the Minister of Tourism Charles Clifford.

Many of the team members, like Gonzales, said the race was good. He intends to be a fixture at the event.

‘It was definitely competitive and very exhausting. I only wish I had a faster jet ski.

‘It was a good experience. It was nothing compared to Jet Around Cayman but I will be there for years to come.’

The group would like to thank all its sponsors, especially the Minister of Youth and Sports Alden McLaughlin and his Ministry.

Members of the group are expected to be in action again shortly.

Plans are in the works for another contingent of watercraft riders to race in Central Florida around late October or early November.

For more information contact Vincent Ramgeet at 925-4810.


Minister Charles Clifford, fourth from right, saw the team on race day. Photo: Submitted