Recovery Centre passes test

The Disaster Recovery Centre, managed by Deloitte at Citrus Grove in George Town, marked the onset of the 2008 hurricane season by conducting a full scale invocation testing exercise.

The half-day testing exercise included the participation of many of the DRC’s recovery seating clients and consisted of a mock hurricane scenario adapted to fit the condensed timeframe.

The DRC staff and clients tested their disaster recovery readiness and their invocation procedures at the DRC. Many of the clients went a step further and tested their business recovery plans and their ability to fail over to backup systems, states a Deloitte press release.

During the pre-hurricane phase the DRC staff commenced the exercise by carrying out procedures required to transition the DRC from a ‘non active’ state to an active state in order to respond to and support the various client activation activities. As the DRC entered the alert and warning phases of the exercise, clients began arriving at the facility and invoking their recovery plans.

The hurricane phase of the exercise continued with the DRC team assisting clients and providing updated information on the current status of the hurricane, other activities occurring within the building and details of Government issued information bulletins.

With the passing of the hurricane, the all clear was issued at which time clients followed their relevant procedures and stood down to a pre-hurricane state of operation. The DRC also resumed regular operations moving from an active to non active state.

Feedback collected from the clients and the DRC staff will be used to enhance the operation of the DRC and also assist companies in fine tuning their own individual plans. Testing exercises are held on an annual basis and are designed to ensure that the DRC is prepared and able to deliver the highest level of service to its clients in emergency and non-emergency situations.

‘Overall the test was very successful for the DRC staff and clients alike who became better acquainted with each other and importantly with the DRC invocation procedures, and their respective organisation’s recovery procedures.’ commented Jeremy Smith, partner, Deloitte.