Today’s Editorial for August 29: Pray for Cayman’s safety

Well, here we go again.

We’re facing a weekend with a storm knocking on our back door.

We still don’t know what Gustav is going to bring to the Cayman Islands.

It’s an easy bet there will be rain and wind.

The unknown is how severe Gustav is going to be when it hits.

All of the experts we talked to Thursday were echoing words of gloom.

According to them we should start experiencing tropical storm winds shortly after noon today.

The brunt of the storm is supposed to hit us tonight, when it’s dark.

When a senior expert meteorologist says ‘You guys are going to be in harm’s way pretty soon,’ it’s time to start paying attention.

We don’t want to sound like alarmists, but everybody does need to be aware that we could be in for a major hurricane slamming our shores.

Government offices closed Thursday afternoon so workers could go home and make hurricane preparations to their homes.

Businesses were already shuttering up Thursday.

If you didn’t take advantage of getting your last minute shopping done Thursday, you’ve waited too late.

All of the supermarkets on the islands are closed today.

Throughout today and this weekend staffers with the Caymanian Compass will be monitoring the storm and updating the website with the latest information from Government, the National Hazard Management Council and news updates.

We do know that the Cayman Islands can expect six to 12 inches of rain with this system. That means we can expect localised flooding.

If you are in a flood-prone area and have not made a move to find shelter elsewhere, do it now.

Too, if you have elderly neighbours, please check on them before this storm becomes too bad. Make sure they are safe and have enough provisions to make it through.

The Government-operated shelters are set to open at 8am today and wardens would prefer that those seeking shelter would arrive earlier rather than later.

We ask that everyone stay tuned to Radio Cayman at 89.9 on the dial, the official Government station, and keep checking for information you need to know about Gustav.

It is our prayer that everyone remains safe and that Gustav only gives us what we truly need, just a bit of rain.