CIIB plans district roundtables

The Investment Bureau’s business advisors will hit the road every Wednesday beginning today, taking its business advising service directly into each district.

The hour-long roundtable-style sessions are specifically geared toward business owners and managers operating in the districts that aren’t normally able to leave their businesses for very long during the days to attend meetings or training in town.

‘We recognise the challenges some small business owners face trying to get the training and guidance that is available to them for free through our office, so we’re bringing our advising services to them,’ said CIIB Executive Director Mr. Dax Basdeo. ‘We believe in being proactive when it comes to small business development, and that means not waiting for businesses to come to us. Our goal is to reach each and every entrepreneur in this country and let them know we’re here to help at any stage of their business development.’

Mr. Basdeo also stressed that it’s important for business owners not to wait until they’re in trouble before seeking the Bureau’s professional guidance.

‘Too often entrepreneurs come to us after they’ve already signed a lease and can’t pay the rent, or after they’ve already hired additional staff for a single event and can’t meet their overheads at month end,’ he explained. ‘So what we’re trying to do is reach business owners before they make such commitments that aren’t properly planned or thought out, and that’s what we hope to achieve with these district meetings.’

The Bureau started these lunchtime roundtable sessions in the CIIB boardroom last month, and Dr. Basdeo says it was encouraging to see so many entrepreneurs with common challenges so eager to learn from each other, and help each other. ‘In the districts we’ll also be doing a brief presentation on how our advisors can assist in any area of concern, followed by a roundtable discussion and questions and answers,’ Mr. Basdeo notes, adding that he hopes to see representatives from all area businesses in each district. Business owners who aren’t able to attend in person are encouraged to send their managers or other representatives.

The schedule of district meetings is as follows:

*All meetings are 12.30-1.30pm

West Bay: Today at the John Gray Memorial Church Hall

Bodden Town: Wednesday, 10 September at the Bodden Town Civic Center

North Side: Wednesday, 17 September at the North Side Civic Center

East End: Wednesday, 24 September at the East End Civic Center

George Town: Thursday, 25 September in the CIIB boardroom, Cayman Corporate Center

Light refreshments and hand-outs will be provided so attendees are encouraged to register. For more information and to sign up call 945-0943 or email [email protected]

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