Eastern districts embrace Go-East

Residents and businesses in the eastern districts are fast embracing the go-east initiative.

pirates caves

Cruise ship passenger Stephen Chang interacts with animals in the zoo. Photo: Jewel Levy

Proprietors of local restaurants, art and craft shops, beauty salons, mini-marts, jewellery stores, barber shops, eco-sites and more, are making sure visitors and residents have a memorable experience.

Tour passengers being transported into these areas are a welcoming sight for owners and historic sites such as the Bodden Town Mission House, Pedro St. James, shipwrecks off East End, North Side mastic trail, art and craft shops and the Bodden Town Pirates Caves.

‘Lots of things are changing in the Bodden Town area since Hurricane Ivan,’ said Gil Stern, owner of Pirates Caves and supporter of the go-east initiative.

‘Even though Hurricane Ivan severely damaged buildings and vegetation, the idea that Bodden Town would again be a town where locals and visitors could embrace cultural heritage has always been a priority,’ said Mr. Stern.

‘The Pirates Caves nature tour is wheelchair friendly, has an easier access to park grounds, and the gift shop offers an assortment of locally made souvenirs and snacks.’

Next door, owners of the Bodden Town Arts and Craft Shop and a local soap company are promoting items that are 100 per cent Caymanian made.

The Mission House and Pedro St. James are also catering and promoting more activities that showcase the Cayman way of life.

‘We want to create places where visitors and locals can stop, rest, enjoy, see and be educated about the beautiful and fascinating things about this island.’ said Mr. Stern.

‘The idea is to get visitors driving through to stop and explore and take in nature walks through lush tropical fauna and flora.’

At the Pirates Caves visitors can be educated about our indigenous plants and wildlife and visitors can also interact with native animals such as Cayman rabbit, iguanas, chickens, parrots, soldier crabs and lizards.

In a few weeks Mr. Stern will be broadening his prospects into the George Town area.

‘Just as soon as the deal with the trade and business licence is approved, a linkage with the Bodden Town Pirates Caves will be established.

Pirates Cave gift shop is open every day from 9-am-6pm; those seeking more information on the caves may call 947-3122.

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