Listen to Bob Soto on port

I hope the ‘leaders’ of the Cayman Islands take note, and listen to the words of Bob Soto in regards to the proposed port in the George Town area.

Bob is the father of diving in The Cayman Islands and has a genuine interest in environment in/around the islands.

Moving the working port and developing cruise ship docks would completely destroy any uniqueness that remains in the Cayman Islands.

It seems that lining ones pockets is much more important than protecting what little we have left.

First coming to Grand Cayman in the 60s, it was an event to have the Stella Polaris or Stella Solaris arrive (maybe) once a month. Dignitaries were invited by the captain to come onboard for lunch and visit the ship for a half-day.

Since then, our uniqueness has diminished. What ever happened to being properly clothed in the George Town area? And the demographics of the cruise ship patron has not done anything positive for our overall economy.

Add to the equation that the vendors have found it necessary to develop attractions (dolphins, over-populating the Sandbar, trolley gimmicks, etc) just so cruise ship passengers have something to do and a place to spend their money.

Unfortunately, the majority of these folks have never realized our greatest asset – the ocean.

Since late 2004, it seems the cruise ship numbers are diminishing and the stayover visitor is increasing. Isn’t this really what we want to see?

Listening to Bob Soto would benefit many in the Cayman Islands!

Tom Shropshire