Movie is an insult

As part of the international Special Olympics movement, Special Olympics Cayman Islands opposes prejudice and discrimination and is continuously working to dispel the negative stereotypes associated with persons with intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics programmes worldwide are engaged in a variety of ways – via emails, letters, communicating with staff, volunteers, athletes and families, and on websites to promote acceptance and inclusion of persons with intellectual disabilities.

Tropic Thunder, a DreamWorks production starring Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black and several other Hollywood actors, opened in local theatres this past week. This movie has been marketed as a satire about Hollywood actors and the movie industry in general.

In Tropic Thunder there is a movie-within-the movie called Simple Jack…Once upon a time there was a retard where Ben Stiller plays a simple man with intellectual disability.

Both Tropic Thunder and Simple Jack contain extremely offensive material promoting the idea that a retard is funny. While intended to be an adult comedy and satire on Hollywood actors and producers, the film has scenes which are offensive and demean people with intellectual disabilities.

We feel strongly that this type of humour is offensive and insulting to persons who every day demonstrate their courage and commitment to being the best they can be as valued and respected members of our community.

Hence, we urge the public of the Cayman Islands to support the effort to ban the R-word by taking the pledge at and to make decisions in their personal lives that support and promote acceptance of all persons, especially those with disabilities.

Board of Directors

Special Olympics Cayman Islands

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