Today’s Editorial for September 9: Bicyclists need to be more careful

This is addressed to all who ride bicycles – no matter what the reason.

Please learn and obey the rules of the road.

There are too many incidents of bicyclists riding on the wrong side of the road and putting themselves and others in danger.

We’ve already had two bad crashes involving bicyclists and motor vehicles this year; one resulted in death.

They and their families have our sympathies.

As the number of cars on the roads of the Cayman Islands increases, so does the danger to people who ride their bicycles.

One of the biggest abuses of the bicycle law is the lack of lights.

A bicyclist in the Breakers area almost became a death statistic last week and the driver who almost hit him would have faced years of legal wrangling, even though the cyclist was in the wrong.

He was riding in the middle of the west-bound lane, in an area with no street lights, no lights on his bicycle and wearing dark clothing and a dark helmet.

It wasn’t until the driver was almost on him – in a 50 mile per hour zone – that the cyclist was seen. Car brakes were slammed and a potential tragedy averted.

If the cyclist had been hit, he would surely have been gravely injured, if not killed.

His family would be left behind to mourn and the driver of the car, in addition to facing charges of hitting the cyclist, would spend the rest of his life with the shadow of the cyclist’s death hanging over him and his family.

By the way, this cyclist wasn’t making his way to work in the dark – he was training.

Far too many cyclists are riding without lights on the front or rear of their bikes and without reflective material anywhere on the bicycle.

Maybe Government should start licensing bicycles the way it does vehicles.

If bikes aren’t equipped with proper lighting, safety features, etc., they should be banned from the roads.

If you are an employer whose employees ride bikes to work, please ensure that they know the laws in the Cayman Islands that pertain to bicycles.

Unfortunately the roads in the Cayman Islands aren’t bicycle friendly. Only recently have bicycle lanes been added to new roadways, but the majority remain unsafe.

It is there incumbent on bicycle riders to be as safe as possible when traversing our roadways.

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