Dragsters fly in for weekend rush

International dragsters will be the centre of attention this weekend.


Moffitt normally comes to Cayman with a drag car.
Photo: Matthew Yates

The racers will be part of a large invitational meet scheduled for September 13-14 at Breakers Speedway.

Four racers will come down to Cayman from Jamaica and the USA.

The racers hailing from Jamaica will be Craig Lew in his blue 2003 Mitsubishi Evolution VIII and Dean Shaw in his white 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

The two American racers are Frank Muniz and Luis Ferrer of Miami, Florida. Muniz will be running a late 1990s Toyota Supra while Ferrer will be in a 1982 Toyota Corolla.

Muniz is not to be confused with child TV star Frankie Muniz. Oddly enough the actor Frankie is also involved in racing, currently under a two-year contract with Jensen Motorsport.

The two American dragsters are members of a race team in Opalocka, Florida called Worldwide Racing.

That team is part of a company called World Wide Parts which specializes in the sale of turbo and fuel injection parts.

All of the cars are set-up for drag racing and heavily modified. However the two American cars are billed as the fastest of the bunch.

Both cars are supposedly able to hit the low 5 second mark in the 1/8 mile drag.

Horsepower figures for that kind of time is unclear but top speeds should be well in excess of 140 mph.

For Robert Campbell, owner of Breakers Speedway, that kind of automotive performance should leave many in awe.

‘Those times (in the low 5 seconds) are simply times that Breakers has never seen before.’

Campbell was helped in getting the racers here by a number of local drivers including Michael ‘Bad Oil’ Williams.

Williams, in his heavily-modified white Mitsubishi Evolution III, raced in Jamaica and Antigua this year with a contingent of local racers.

Campbell is expected to be helped on race day by a plethora of volunteers. Among them will be American drag racer Billy Moffitt.

Moffitt will serve as a race marshal. Campbell says Moffitt will help prepare the track and give advice to local racers.

Moffitt has been to Cayman on several occasions, usually alongside his yellow rocket-like drag car he calls ‘bottoms up’.

The schedule for the weekend is as follows: Friday is free admission. Racers are encouraged to test and tune their rides from 6-10pm. Saturday will be $5 admission and qualifying runs from 6-10:30pm.

On Sunday the track will open at 2pm with racing starting at 3:30pm sharp. Admission will be $10 though a $5 discount is on offer for those who come out on Saturday.

Local drivers are urged to come out and compete and they are also reminded to bring along safety equipment such as helmets.

With all of the powerful rides slated to hit Cayman’s shores Campbell made sure Breakers could hold them.

A recent track addition sees a 350 feet extension to the existing stopping area.

This will give racers, especially on motorcycles, a more comfortable stopping distance.

In the future, Breakers Speedway is expected to see more additions. Some 1,250 feet is to be added onto the 1/8 mile run with 800 feet of it set to be paved. The idea behind that addition is to perfect the 1/8 and alternate that with a 1,000 foot drag strip.

The gravel around the drag strip is slated to be paved as well. The plan is to have a circuit track on the property by the end of this year.

Ultimately Campbell says the race should serve as an educational experience for all local drivers.

‘The race is an opportunity for local drivers to see the international flavour that they hope to reach.’

For more information contact Robert Campbell at 916-2222.

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