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With September here, schedules are being set with activities and programmes for the next couple of months. September is the time of year when people commit to courses, join clubs, return to school and adjust to a more structured lifestyle compared to the freedom of summer.

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Donna Mitchell

Placing your children in programmes that build self-esteem and physical fitness is important to consider. With the stresses of school life and long hours of sitting, healthy activities will facilitate increased mental alertness, a more positive attitude, increased self-esteem and general overall fitness. Being active and involved will also help children who have a tendency to be overweight.

Cayman offers many choices for young people with karate, swimming, ballet, dance, netball, cricket, soccer and various water sports. Help your children decide what programmes they wish to take part in, and be sure to not overbook their schedule. Young people need down-time as well to play, relax and create.

Alternatively, your family may wish to develop a personal lifestyle plan of your own. Taking this approach, many families find that the support they need is right in their own home. If the health and wellness of your family is a concern, here are some points of interest that may help you establish a lifestyle change plan that suits everybody in your family:

*Sit down and discuss why health and fitness are important goals;

*Make a family decision to improve the quality of your overall lifestyle;

*Identify problem areas such as too much junk-food in the house or families not sitting down to meals together;

*Discuss types of physical activities that everybody can participate in such as a walking before or after dinner, Saturday morning bike rides or Sunday afternoon beach walks;

*Plan weekly physical activity (three to four times weekly) that includes everybody and follow through. This means Mom and Dad coming home from work in time to participate. Children learn from their role models.

Lifestyles with Donna offers family support for healthy lifestyle change with Family Plans for Healthy living in four and six-week sessions held in the privacy of your own home. The plan specialises in nutritional guidance, weight-loss support, stress and relaxation techniques and development of personal motivation for physical fitness.

Please email [email protected] to schedule your Family Plan. Programmes commence in October.

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