Junior Achievers in Canada

On Saturday, 9 August eight Junior Achievers together with two chaperones departed Grand Cayman to attend the 38th annual Canadian National Junior Achievement Conference at University of Toronto – Mississauga, Canada.

The conference was one week long.

Two Achievers from Cayman Brac and six Achievers from Grand Cayman attended the conference. Representing Cayman Brac were Rebekah Khan and Stephanny Reyes both students of Cayman Brac High School.

Rebekah Khan said: ‘My CANJAC experience was fantastic! I enjoyed every moment of it. It was great interacting with people from different cultures around the world and the business workshops were most beneficial to me. I learned a lot about team-work, marketing, finance and management. CANJAC was truly a worthwhile and unique experience. You learn a lot about various people and their cultures and I was able to build long-life friendships with those whom I interacted with! So all in all CANJAC has thought me a lot about the working world and most of all having fun no matter what.’

Those representing Grand Cayman included John Gray High School students Kayla Archibold and Renee Prendergast, St. Ignatius High School students Brittany Borden, Daniel McGrath and Shay Miller, Prep High School student Josh Preuss. The chaperones for the event were Kerri Kanuga of Grand Cayman and Alphonso Gayle of Cayman Brac (Company Advisor).

Josh Preuss said: ‘CANJAC was the best thing I have ever done in my life. I also would like to say that its not just business.’

CANJAC brings Achievers together from around the world every summer. The Cayman Islands achievers along with 200 other international participants gathered for a week long event to learn about business issues from business leaders and to tackle real time problems in a team environment. During the conference emphasis was placed on the influences of marketing, process and production, and human resources in business today.

Kayla Archibold said: ‘Well my experince was so much more than I expected I met so many different people from different places and got to experience many cultures. It was so much fun and educational. It was way more than I expected it to be.’

For the Cayman Islands Achievers, attendance at CANJAC is a reward for outstanding performance in the high school level ‘Company Programme.’ All expenses for the eight achievers and the two chaperones are paid for by Junior Achievement Cayman Islands, whose major financial supporters are Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Central and the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce.

Stephanny Reyes said: ‘This experience was amazing… they didn’t give you the chance of just sitting down watching other people do the work, everyone of us had to take part in everything, no questions asked. The mean theme was team work, we did activities and at the end we had to say what we thought the activity meant to us and we always ended up saying that it was about team work. When I first got there they asked us to tell them what was our biggest fear of the business, I said, ‘it was that I had stage fright.’ With this I had to speak in front of the class and I had to take part in the skit and presentation. I say that to say this that it helped me because now I can go up in front of people and at least not show that I’m nervous so this experience has helped me greatly.’

Individuals or organisations interested in becoming involved with or sponsoring the efforts of the Junior Achievement programme may contact Wilma McLaughlin, Junior Achievement Executive Administrator at [email protected] or by phone 949-4306.

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