Dog needs a home

The Cayman Islands Humane Society is issuing one final plea for someone to step forward and adopt a beautiful, doting, healthy dog called Nick.

Nick is exhibiting signs of kennel stress, a condition in which a pack animal suffers from the deprivation of what he naturally needs – a family. Nick has been without a home for so long now he is becoming ill; he’s depressed and losing weight amongst other symptoms, all of which can be alleviated if Nick can find a loving home. Without a home, there is no other option than to end Nick’s suffering with humane euthanasia; something the Society is desperate to avoid.

Nick arrived at the Humane Society Animal Shelter in December 2007,

Bernie, a CIHS volunteer, decided to privately kennel Nick to help with the accommodation issues, and start a campaign to find the dog, she had become so close to, find a loving home.

Nick, Bernie and her family spend a lot of time together but their quest for a new home has unfortunately failed and with three dogs of her own Bernie is unable to offer Nick a home herself.

As much as he loves people, Nick does display a lower threshold for aggression against other animals than most dogs; this means although he is placid and gentle with humans he will not tolerate being confronted by another dog when he perceives a threat from it, which can be symptom of kennel stress.

‘It is not that he will go out and look for a fight, but if another dog challenges him he will not walk away,’ explains Bernie. ‘On the other hand, Nick just adores humans; he thrives on affection and wants nothing more than to be close to a human. He loves kids, and he and my four-year-old niece get along famously. He is very calm and laid back when in the company of people.’

Call Bernie on 324-1306 or the Humane Society on 949-1461 for details on Nick or to meet him.

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