Olympic heroes welcomed home

Cayman’s four Olympic heroes returned home to accolades from all their admirers.

Caymanian Olympians

Happy to be home; Forbes, Mothersill, Shaune and Brett Fraser Photo: Ron Shillingford

Track aces Ronald Forbes, Cydonie Mothersill and the swimming Fraser brothers Shaune and Brett made sure they were in Grand Cayman for a dinner in their honour at the Ritz-Carlton on Friday.

Only a select few were invited but the Olympians had a great time and thoroughly appreciated the tribute.

Mothersill said: ‘That dinner was an A-class event. It was such a nice feeling for us four to come home and for the government to show how much they appreciate what we do.

‘It was such a nice feeling that everybody acknowledged that we did something special.

‘While we did not bring home a medal each of us performed well in our own right. It was amazing what the government did.

‘It was the first time that had been done and much appreciated. I had a blast. It was a nice feeling that Kurt Tibbetts, Alden McLaughlin and all the MLAs took time out of their busy schedules to acknowledge what we did.’

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