Flag protocol reminder issued

The public is reminded that the display of the Union Jack and the Cayman Islands’ flag is governed by international protocol. ‘The Cayman Islands’ flag is the symbol of national pride and the public is encouraged to display it appropriately,’said Chief of Protocol Virginia Madison. Flag protocol includes the following:

• When flag poles are grouped they should be at the same level so that no nation’s flag is flown higher than another.

• When displaying flags in the Cayman Islands, the Cayman flag holds the position of honour, which is to the left (from the vantage point of the spectator). If the Union Jack is flown, it would take the position of honour to the Cayman flag.

• Flags should only be flown from sunrise to sunset, unless they are illuminated by a spotlight at night.

• Dilapidated flags should not be flown. Worn-out or damaged flags should be retired.

For more information, please refer to the national symbols on the Government website www.gov.ky or contact the Protocol Office 244-3608 or [email protected]