Busy Frasers

Shaune and Brett Fraser made a fleeting stop to visit their parents over the weekend then disappeared again for their next assignments.

The Olympic swimming aces are still on the go for their university in college meets and will not be able to fully relax until Christmas.

When they arrived at the Owen Roberts airport on Friday, Shaune, 20, said: ‘Beijing was an amazing experience and a lot of fun being around all the other athletes. I think it was a big improvement on the last one in Athens. I had a great time out there.

‘I was pretty pleased with my results. Obviously, there is always improvements you can make but you can’t ask more from yourself than a personal best so I was happy with that.

‘In my races I think I could have swam a little bit smarter and done a little bit better if I’d done so but I know I gave 100 per cent.

‘I’m now focusing on the NCAAs in March and the world championships in Rome in July.

Beijing was Brett’s first Olympics. He too thoroughly enjoyed the experience where brother Kyle, 12 and their parents Jim and Laurice attended.

‘Beijing was really amazing,’ Brett said. ‘I was really nervous at first but then I saw my friends competing and saw how they did pretty good and then I swam and my overall results were pretty good too.

‘We just started back training a couple of weeks ago so I’m hoping to post some better times.

‘Now I’m going to concentrate on school at training and hopefully it’ll put me in a better place for next year.’

Brett, 19, improved his 200 metres backstroke time by two seconds in Beijing. ‘Two seconds improvement for anyone in swimming is really great and my coach is very happy with it.’

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