Hold Cabinet, Governor responsible

I am coming at the Kernohan issue from a different perspective.

I am the first to admit that I am not a criminal lawyer and know absolutely nothing about litigation and what precisely has been going on with Mr. Kernohan.

I don’t know what the facts are.

In fact no one seems to know.

What crime exactly has Mr. Kernohan committed? What is the offence?

What is the basis on which the Governor is asking this man to return to these islands? Is he in a position to make it compulsory that Mr. Kernohan return?

If Mr. Kernohan committed a crime or was suspected of a crime he would have been arrested and or interviewed. Has he been? As far as I am aware that has not happened.

Who intends to settle or will be responsible for a successful suit brought by Mr Kernohan against the people pf these islands? I find it amazing that no one has raised these points. Who is advising Cabinet and the Governor?

The Governor and Cabinet have a duty and responsibility to the people of these islands to tell us precisely what is going on because up to now I have not heard anyone say what crime Mr. Kernohan is charged with. In any event, based on the public debate and media releases by the Governor and Mr. Kernohan it is clear that Mr. Kernohan cannot be reinstated as commissioner of police in the Cayman Islands, so whoever is in charge please do get on with the business of employing a new properly qualified, intelligent (someone that can actually solve crimes), experienced, responsible and culturally palatable commissioner of police.

This leads me to my other concern: who is running this country?

Who has ultimate responsibility for this matter? Cabinet as democratically elected leaders or HE Governor under the constitution?

What is evident is that neither Cabinet nor the Governor has taken responsibility, deliberate or otherwise for this matter. Or up to now.

We hear comments of ministers being misled…We hear comments from the Governor stating that Mr Kernohan return to the islands…for what disciplinary proceedings… We the people must ask the question who is running this country.

What is even more problematic is what seems to be a cloak and dagger drama being played out between Cabinet and the Governor having the potential to not only destabilise our community but to set the current constitution on fire. Is this deliberate? And if it is deliberate is it irresponsible? Who then has the best interest of these islands? Our elected leaders or the Governor?

I hope for all concerned that Cabinet and the Governor have thought this process through and are not being obstinate and arrogant at the expense of these islands.

More importantly the public and the media should continue to bring pressure to bear on both Cabinet and the Governor until this ill advised fiasco has been properly addressed and put to rest and all cost (now or in the future) should be deducted from the salaries of those concerned and not from the public purse.

Theresa Pitcairn

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