Fidelity run gels families

The Fidelity Fun Run series reaches its second of three consecutive Saturday mornings this weekend. Beginning at John Gray High School at 7:30am, the two-mile run is not just for elite runners training for longer races and culminating in the Cayman Marathon in December.


The Hoeksemas are keen athletes. Photos: Ron Shillingford

Many families and even parents with pushchairs compete. Entry fees are $5 per race and include refreshments and a t-shirt at the final race.

Registration begins each Saturday at 6:30am and there are prizes for all age groups.

One family that turned up at the first Fidelity Fun Run were the Hoeksemas.

Greg ran with wife Mary and their sons Connor, ten and Reese, eight.

Did the parents have to drag the kids out of bed to compete? ‘No, they were pretty excited,’ said Greg. ‘In fact, I thought we would have to wake them up but they bounced out of bed this morning.

‘This is our second race now. Both the boys enjoy running and they’re very active kids so we thought we’d come out and do the series.’

Connor is looking forward to running on Saturday even though he found this run tough. A natural, he didn’t do much training.

Reese said: ‘I wanted to do but running is too tiring for me. Soccer is my favourite sport.’

Mary said: ‘I just run a little bit and walk just to stay healthy. I’m not competitive at all. I think this is about my goal.

‘I am very much a soccer mom, baseball mom, American football mom…. They’re good little athletes.’

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