Green Synergy: Hitting all beats

Heineken Green Synergy, the regional DJ competition presented by Heineken Music, has returned to Grand Cayman for the fourth year since its introduction in 2003.

The four-day event, which kicked off Wednesday at The Next Level Nightclub, covers the spectrum of music genres – Dancehall, Reggae, Soca, Merengue, Salsa, Bachata and Reggaeton to Pop, House, Hip Hop and Rhythm & Blues – bringing together music lovers to find Cayman’s best DJ talent.

The Green Synergy evolution

Heineken Green Synergy is a hugely successful music programme which has been running in the Caribbean region in more than 20 markets for the past five years.

This year, the brand is looking to improve the programme even more by evolving the concept, making the experience more interactive between the participants and the consumers.

‘The DJ competition will follow the same structure as before, but we have introduced new judging criteria,’ states Findlay Wilson, Heineken Brand Manager for Jacques Scott & Company.

‘It is a step the brand took to help grow the event and give it mass appeal. This year the focus will be on audience engagement and creating a great experience – rather than scratching and tricks.

‘The judges will evaluate the DJ in terms of the quality of their music performance as well as the public’s reaction to the music. The objective of the DJ will be to create music that motivates the crowd to dance.’

All Beats

To help broaden the appeal of the event local Heineken Distributors Jacques Scott & Company have worked together with event organizers Monster Media to create a concept which combines all variances of music genres over four nights.

‘We wanted Green Synergy to appeal to a larger crowd, so we decided to concept three nights and bring them all together for the finals,’ said Kenny Rankin, Managing Director of Monster Media.

‘The four nights kicked off on Wednesday with Enter the Dancehall, combining Reggae, Soca and Dancehall. Thursday night was The Latin Invasion, bringing together all styles of Latin music: Merengue, Bachata, Salsa and Reggaeton.

‘Friday night we are getting ready for Global Frequencies which will be a wide mix of Pop, House and Hip Hop. One DJ from each night will make it through to the finals on Saturday night.’

The line up

The crowd at Wednesday night’s Enter the Dancehall were set off by performances from two of Vibe’s talented DJs – DJ Von and DJ Lin with Scata Hype alongside.

The competition heated up with 30-minute sets from Jason Reid ‘DJ Rich – The General’, who was up against one of Cayman’s young DJs at 21 years old, Edrick Vernon ‘DJ Fross’.

Thursday night added a Latin twist to the competition as Vibe’s DJ Yoyo showcased his skills before two of the Island’s hot Latin DJs went head-to-head, with Immer Carter ‘DJ Carter’, a regular guest DJ at Thursday night’s Caliente, competing against Jose Luis ‘DJ Flaco’, who hosts his own Latin club night.

More talented DJs will hit the stage tonight for Global Frequencies. Vibe’s own DJ Dominique and DJ Alic will give the crowd their best before the night’s competition kicks off with a popular mix of DJs including Next Level and Vibe’s resident DJ – Ajit Saxena ‘DJ XS’, who likes to pride himself on the fact that no matter what kind of crowd he has listening to him on air or in front of him in the club, he can find a way to accommodate their musical needs.

The Finals on Saturday, 20 September will kick off at 8pm with performances from the Vibe DJs before last year’s winner ‘Super C’ officially opens the 2008 Cayman Finals.

Throughout, the crowd will be hyped to party with Kenneth Bryan ’40’ as the official emcee.

The competitors face an all-star line up this year on the judging panel with chief judge ‘DJ Jazzy B’ of Vibe 98.9FM alongside ‘Selecta TNT’ and dance champion ‘Gucci’.

The DJ who makes the cut for Heineken Green Synergy’s 2008 champion will go on the represent Cayman in the group finals to be held in Jamaica on Saturday, 4 October with the chance to compete in the regional finals in Curacao on Saturday, 25 October.

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