Women ballers should make most of big chance

Women interested in football should get involved with the new league which starts soon.

The Cayman Islands Women’s Football Committee is appealing to all football minded women here to come out and participate in the Simon Robshaw Caytech National Women’s Football League which kicks off on October 4.

Sue Greene, who has held the post of chair for just over a year, said that she sees a lot of potential and a lot of positive progress in the players who are presently participating.

She added that she is sure that there are many more women out there who have the ability to play good football and improve the standard of women’s football on the island.

‘Women’s football is a great past time and it would be interesting if more of our women got involved,’ she said. ‘Presently we have six clubs participate in the Simon Robshaw Caytech competition and there is room for more teams.

‘Come out and play football and you will be rewarded by being part of a team and being active.’

Greene added: ‘We would like to see more teams get involved to make the league more exciting and competitive and we welcome the corporate community to get teams together and enter a team.

‘This is a great way also for companies to show their commitment’s to endorsing fitness for their staff and sponsoring a team. We encourage all leveled players to get involved no matter what their experience are.’

Martha Godet is vice-chair of the Women’s Football Committee. She said that developing and promoting the growth and appreciation of football is essential and can be done through providing our young women with opportunities to participate in this popular sport.

‘As with any other sport, we are to ensure that we promote disciple, good values and to encourage cultural exchange and most of all encourage and demonstrate Fair Play in every game and practice,’ Godet said.

The six registered teams are Future SC, Elite FC, Sunset FC, Latinos FC, Scholars International FC and Women’s United.

Women’s football in the Cayman Islands has taken a giant step forward based on performances displayed by the national women’s team in the tournament hosted last year on the island and the National Under-17 team’s admirable performance in Antigua and Barbuda early this year in World Cup qualifiers.

They defeated Antigua and Barbuda 4-0 the Virgin Islands 3-0 and gave tough Jamaica a run for their money in a keenly contested game which the Jamaicans won 2-1 to finish second in that group.

Contact the CIFA office at 949-5775, [email protected] or [email protected] for further details regarding football events.

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