Popular Breakers is moving to higher gear

The hype generated from this month’s meet has stirred drivers to once again take over Breakers.

There will soon be another meet featuring exclusively local racers. The dates at this point are said to be 25-26 October.

Times and other race details will be published at a later date.

According to Robert Campbell, owner of Breakers Speedway, the decision to put on another event was an easy one.

He stated that the feedback from this month’s meet was so strong and the buzz so frenzied that it was the best thing to do.

Campbell also expressed a desire to cancel out any feelings on the part of spectators to imitate what they saw on public roads.

‘I’m always emphasizing the importance of driver safety and putting the urge to speed on the track and not the streets.

‘The track is always available day and night for use; there is no reason for speeding on our roads.’

Another reason for the meet lies in the amount of racers who, for one reason or the other, were unable to have a good showing.

Among them are the three muscle cars that had reportedly registered for this month’s meet and were unable to compete. Two broke down before race day on Friday and Saturday.

For Campbell next month’s race will thus serve as redemption for many drivers.

‘It’s a big race where those that lost out on this month’s event, especially those with broken gearboxes, will try to redeem themselves.’

The upcoming race is just one of the many happenings at the track. Campbell remains determined to have circuit racing at Breakers Speedway by the end of the year.

At this point the current progress of the circuit track sees the course still needing to be paved and some three-eighths of a mile still to be fine-grated.

In addition the news of next month’s meet comes days after a belated staging of the 10 and 11 second classes on Wednesday.

Some 10 racers showed up to compete on the track from 7-10pm.

Reportedly those classes were held at such a late stage to allow the slower cars and the inexperienced drivers barely at the legal driving age of 18 to get a chance to run their cars.

Campbell explained the thinking behind the recent gathering.

‘Basically those drivers felt out of place with all the heavy power on display. I wanted the younger ones to feel positive and have a sense of achievement.

‘I always remember when I’m dealing with young racers that a couple years down the road they will be the next six second and seven second guys.’

In the end Campbell wanted to send a message to all those racers who didn’t do well this month.

‘In any sport you can’t always be a winner. Next month is a chance for you guys to come back and make a better effort.

‘As for the younger drivers, remember: you can’t reach the top without first starting out at the bottom.’

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