Support for marriage stance

I wish to express my support for your country’s decision to ban gay marriages and underscore the amendment to the Marriage Law (2007 revision).

The definition of marriage being ‘the union between a man and a woman as husband and wife’ will be added as an amendment to the Marriage Law (2007 Revision).

Whereas I agree that what people choose to do (according to their sexual orientation or persuasion) in their own homes behind closed doors should be respected, I firmly believe that countries, governments and the citizenry (if I can accurately separate the three) need to take a stand for (simply as my Grandmother would say) ‘De right ting.’

I wish you success, shrewd prevalence of sense and continued upholding of morals in your country’s further deliberations on the matter.

Truly, there is more to life than ‘Dollar, Dollar, Dollar’ (as the Calypso song says).

Andrea Diane Prendergast
Kingston, Jamaica

West Indies.

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