Barefoot’s Helicopter Song gets air time

Only one local artist could take the past months’ worrisome headlines and turn them into a light-hearted lyrical joke: The Barefoot Man.

Barefoot’s latest number, titled The Helicopter Song, jokingly references the national issues which have been dominating newspapers and radio talk shows recently. The song focuses primarily on the police helicopter and the disappearance of Mr Syed.

Cayman Crosstalk co-hosts, Austin Harris and Ellio Solomon, laughed along to the song when they played it for their listeners Tuesday morning. The co-hosts are mentioned in the song along with Talk Today host, Sterling Ebanks.

Mr Sterling was flattered to be featured in Barefoot’s newest song, saying that it was a ‘nice compliment’ and that Barefoot ‘certainly has a flare for capturing what’s current.’

Older fans of Barefoot might recognise the new tune as a revised version of his mid-70’s song ‘Where has all the money gone?’ Originally, the song satirised the collapse of a local bank called Interbank House in 1974.

Barefoot says that the original song was a jukebox hit and that since the original tune was penned the song’s lyrics have been changed many times. In previous years it has been rerecorded as ‘Where have all the mangoes gone?’ and ‘Where has Bin Laden gone?’ Barefoot admits that this is the fourth or fifth adaptation of the song.

‘Don’t take my songs too seriously,’ Barefoot warns, laughing. He explains that songs like this one are his musical version of a political cartoon. ‘I see something and I have fun with it,’ Barefoot concludes.

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