Racers all revved up for latest Attack

The recent Breakers Speedway meet has rejuvenated the local race scene and racers will have another chance at the spotlight this weekend.

Tomorrow will see Time Attack 8 get underway courtesy of the Cayman Motorsports Association.

The race will be CMA’s ninth of the year. The group normally puts on time attack races at the end of the month.

As usual Jay Bodden’s property on Sparky Drive off North Sound Rd will be the home for much burnt rubber from 8pm onwards.

Sign up on race day takes place at 6:00pm with the cut-off time at 7:00pm.

Cars are expected to be split into four different classes: front-wheel, rear-wheel and all-wheel drive plus unlimited.

Winners will be determined according to time, speed and skill points.

Among last month’s winners were rear-wheel drive winner Wayne Kirkconnell in his Nissan 350z, unlimited class winner Gary Huggins in his Toyota Starlet and women’s division winner Vicki Hulse in her Mazda 3.

Last month’s biggest performer was veteran racer Andy Bodden. A stalwart on the local race scene since the days of Lakeview Raceway, Bodden ran a silver Mitsubishi Evolution III to victory at the last race.

Bodden had to work hard for the win due to a stiff competition from the likes of all-wheel drive winner Keith P. Tibbetts III in his Subaru Impreza Sti and front-wheel drive winner Roje Williams in his Toyota Starlet.

The public is invited to attend and watch the action. Anyone can participate, provided they use their own vehicle and pay the entrance fee of CI$20.

Early registration and technical inspection for the race will start tonight.

Automotive Art on Shedden Road will be the new venue for tonight’s gathering, at 7pm. The meeting will also serve as a time for socializing.

Parker’s on North Sound Road was the previous site for the gathering.

Cars will be expected to pass the technical inspection. This inspection is compulsory for all CMA-sanctioned races.

It consists of checking the car’s components such as the suspension and brakes plus ensuring drivers use a three-point seat belt harness and street-legal tires.

CMA Time Attack organizer Bobby Hulse says even with the great runs from the established racers, he’s looking for some of the newer faces to do well.

‘I am looking more to the new guys like Mario [Sanchez], Marcus [Huggins], Vicki [Hulse], Kim [Huggins] and Jodi [Jackson] to come out and really figure things out and push a little harder than last time.’

Those drivers will be helped by a familiar course layout. Hulse explains the reasoning behind staying with the course.

‘I expect the course layout will be similar in length and complexity as last time. It worked well with time and drivers enjoyed it. We will try to stick to the 80 second range for the first runs for now on.’

Ultimately Hulse feels that the presence of new and old faces will make for a good showing.

‘I feel pretty good about this time attack even though we don’t have a sponsor and will be missing a few bells and whistles.

‘I think we will have a record turnout for drivers this time.’

For more information contact Bobby Hulse at 916-5137 or e-mail [email protected].

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