CICS donates bed

The need for a hospital-type bed in Cayman Brac, which would be used by cancer patients in their own homes, was recently brought to the attention of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society by Dr. Velusamy, general surgeon and medical officer in charge of Faith Hospital.

The CICS assists cancer patients and their families in many ways including loaning equipment such as wheelchairs and hospital beds to cancer patients for homecare.

The power operated hospital bed was shipped to Cayman Brac so that it may be used for the care of cancer patients in their homes. The bed, which has controls that allow the patient to adjust the height, of the bed and the head end, was handed over to Mr. Velusamy by CICS’s Medical Director Dr. Sook Yin and Chief Operating Officer Christine Sanders.

Hope Stephenson, Client Services Director of CICS said, ‘The Society is proud to be able to assist cancer patients in all three Cayman Islands and will continue to do so to the best of our ability.’

Mr. Velusamy expressed his personal gratitude to the society for readily considering his request and sending the bed over to the Brac. He added that the bed will be used solely for terminally ill cancer patients in the Brac community.

The CICS is a non-profit organisation dedicated to preventing the development of cancer. For more information on the CICS call 949-7618 or email [email protected]

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