Woman charged in alleged urine switch

The woman implicated in a case of alleged urine sample substitution has been charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Cheryl Yvonne Barnes appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday along with Percival Anthony Williams Jr.

Williams, 20, is accused of handing in a urine sample that was not his. He had been ordered by the court to submit a sample to the hospital laboratory for drug screening. He allegedly asked someone else at the hospital to provide the sample, which he then handed in as his own.

At his first court appearance on this charge, Crown Counsel Nicola Moore said the sample had been sent away for further analysis because the presence of a certain substance would tell whether the urine came from a male or a female (Caymanian Compass, 7 July).

Barnes, 36, first appeared in court on 2 September with Attorney Ben Tonner representing her.

This week, Mr. Tonner was in a Grand Court trial and Williams’ attorney, Mr. Edward Renvoize, spoke for both defendants.

Ms Moore said they must be tried together.

Mr. Renvoize said Williams was prepared to enter his pleas that day. Williams said he chose to be tried in Summary Court rather than Grand Court.

The question then arose, however, whether the charge is one that can be tried only in Grand Court because it is attempting to pervert the course of justice contrary to Common Law. There was a suggestion that the charge should have been brought under the Penal Code for both Williams and Barnes.

Magistrate Nova Hall adjourned the matter until Tuesday, 30 September, for the wording of the charges to be sorted out.