Leader needed

Who is our leader?

We have lots of people who sort of lead different things – we have a leader of government business, we have a leader of tourism and lots of other things, we have a governor who cuts lots of ribbons and overseas some very important inner workings, we even have a leader of the opposition, but we have no leader who directs the people and can help us understand where we are going.

We had no one who spoke to us after hurricane Ivan and we have no one now explaining what is going on with our police and justice systems.

We only have delays in producing a new constitution that we so desperately need, that will hopefully provide this nation with one leader who is elected by an entire national election who can help all of us equally and who will be ultimately responsible for everything.

We need the referendum desperately, we need transparency, and we need a government that is not so involved with their own legal problems that they can take some time to take care of this country!

We need that now, before it is too late. We need laws passed that will protect this country from destruction, laws that will help everyone!

What can we do to make this constitution move faster? What can we do to help save this country?

Cathy Church

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