Courses make accounting easier

The Professional Development & Training Centre, a division of the Chamber of Commerce, recently offered a Basic Accounting Made Easier course conducted by Facilitator Mr. Terry Carson.

Mr. Terry Carson is an audit partner in the firm of Grant Thornton in Grand Cayman and has been a senior financial officer in various businesses for the past 19 years. He has been presented with many awards in both public speaking and finance and has provided training throughout Canada and the Caribbean.

The two-day course was attended by seven Chamber members representing Cayman Business Machines, Cayman Islands Development Bank, dms Organization, Maples Finance, Marsh Management, NCB (Cayman) Ltd., and CITI Hedge Fund Services. The course was designed to transform accounting into easily understood concepts and help to develop skills in preparing journal entries, T-accounts and financial statements.

Mr. Carson offers the following advice for those considering further training: ‘Learning is a lifelong process and we cannot grow or expand our comfort zone without trying something new. New experiences and new learning help us to develop as individuals. I teach both communication based skills and financial skills. Knowledge of financial skills opens up new doors to opportunity.’

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Members and non-members alike can take advantage of the Professional Development and Training Centre 1- day courses for CI$125 or 2-day courses for CI$200.