UCCI graduates praise programme

Six students who graduated from the University College Cayman Islands’ newly established Offshore Financial Services Certificate Programme are heaping praise on the new course.

‘It was exciting to be a part of the very first such course, offering the insight of a learned instructor and guest lectures by professionals with hands on experience which breathed life into the well-outlined notes,’ said Jeana Ebanks, a qualified CPA at McGladrey & Pullen.

One of the objectives of the OFS course was to better acquaint new comers, who either worked in or were interested in the financial services sector, to the island.

The programme comprises six key course modules covering areas such as banking, captive insurance, trusts, investment funds, corporate services, regulation and taxation.

UCCI plans to offer the course again starting 18 October. As with the format last year, classes will start on Saturdays and then switch to Mondays and Thursdays from January onwards.

The new Director of Graduate Studies and Executive Training at UCCI Carolyn Mathews, says, ‘We are very pleased to be able to offering the program again this year at UCCI’s Executive Training Centre.’

The full curriculum lasts six months, with each of the six course modules taking four weeks to complete. Companies or students interested in finding out more should contact Diane Campbell at UCCI at 949-3643 or [email protected] or Dr. Mathews at 526 5017 or [email protected]