New Purple Dragon’s fires kids up

Karate enthusiasts in the George Town area now have a new school to attend.

The Purple Dragon Karate School at Triple C School started just a month ago and it is already in full swing.

This new Purple Dragon branch can better accommodate the students from the George Town area. Classes run every Monday and Wednesday from 5.30pm.

Sensei’s Floyd and Geddes from the main Purple Dragon school off West Bay Road, as well as Instructor Euclides ‘Beco’ Pitta are delighted with the response and are planning more classes.

The Triple C classes come after the overwhelming response from the public whose demand for more classes propelled Sensei Floyd and Sensei Geddes to expand.

Pitta is a 1st dan black belt who has been training for the past six years. He is CPR and first aid certified and has represented Purple Dragon and the Cayman Islands internationally.

Anyone interested in being a Purple Dragon student should contact Instructor Pitta at 916 6767 and for Classes at Purple Dragon W.B. Road Location call 946-1241 or visit our website