Beenie Man did not evade taxes

A Jamaican judge has cleared reggae star Beenie Man of tax evasion charges.

Jamaican authorities said the Grammy winning singer – real name Anthony Moses Davis – owed nearly US$1 million in overdue taxes.

But the judge threw out the case, ruling evidence showed the star was not informed of his rights when auditors made their assessment last year.

The Kingston-born star has been one of the biggest names in the dancehall music scene for a decade.

He has had more than 50 number one hits in Jamaica and six top 20 hits in the UK. His album Art and Life won a Grammy in 2001.

The star had been at the centre of controversy in recent years after being accused of writing songs with homophobic lyrics.

A New York concert featuring Beenie Man was cancelled in July 2006 after protests over the content of his music.

Earlier the same month, the artist was banned from performing in Bournemouth following lobbying by local gay activists.

The singer insisted that his lyrics had been misconstrued.

Beenie Man was not informed of his rights Photo: AP