Sickened by abuse case

I write to you about the man who was sentenced to two years for the indecent assault on a five-year-old

I was sexually molested from around that same age as a child. You would not want to imagine what has played in my mind throughout my life. We average people may not imagine what may play out in this child’s mind during his life. Oh, the professionals can. But they are doing their jobs, aren’t they. The legal system was created to protect the unprotected, but defeats that very purpose.

My heart broke as I read the article in the Caymanian Compass on 30 September, and even more so as I read the migrating factors presented by the defence attorney.

He said the defendant expressed remorse because he understood the damage his actions had or may have on the victim.

The psychiatric report showed that the man had a history of significant depression and a borderline personality disorder. He found it difficult to operate in an adult world. He found it easier to relate to children of a younger age.

This is horrendous. What do we propose will be the mental state for this little boy as he grows up, eventually knowing what happened to him? I know the professionals certainly may know.

Lawmakers, related departments, citizens, Caymanians, I hope you have kept up with this story. Caymanians, legal voting residents, cry out for this child! Cry out for your child, who could be this very child one day.

It is sad that as Cayman evolves and regularly seeks to seemingly protect young children, even taking them away from their secured homes over petty situations, that incidents such as this can be blown away so lightly, because this is what it is to me and the many others who have also been appalled by this.

In a country which is so concerned about the rate of crime, is it not to be a concern whether our young children can freely walk around their homes without fear? Though honestly, what does an innocent child of five know of fear? That is why it is imperative for them to feel safe.

I can try to understand what the accused may be going through mentally and psychologically, considering the description of his mental state. Yet, the defence said he understood well what he had done and what his actions have done. There was no mention in the article of a metal health order or commitment at the court, or that he was getting any assistance relating to his supposed conditions.

I am angry. I am disheartened. I am saddened.

Patricia Bryan