Business event filled up

The recent Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours was hosted by local catering company Mise en Place.


Ian Nagelson and Sean Collins, owners of Mise en Place, recently were awarded the contract for the Government Schools Catering Service. Photo: Submitted

The event was attended by over 300 chamber members and guests in Red Gate Warehouse Park.

New Christmas menu items and signature hors d’oeuvres were served by Mise en Place staff whilst guests were able to sample offerings from Gino’s Pizzeria and the School Catering Service stations set up especially for the event.

Chamber President-Elect, Eddie Thompson, spoke at the event and congratulated owners Sean Collins and Ian Nagelson on their successful business and explained how fitting it was for them to host a networking event, when their success began from networking themselves.

The team of Mise en Place received a resounding applause when Mr. Thompson recalled their noble efforts after Hurricane Ivan in 2004, when they provided over 1,500 meals a day to various government and public workers.

‘It was heart-warming to see and hear the appreciation of the members when I mentioned their [Mise en Place’s] involvement after Ivan.

‘Even 4 years down the road, people still remember the hardships that we faced and can recognize the mammoth task that Sean and Ian took upon themselves,’ said Mr. Thompson.

Chef and owner Sean Collins also said a few words on behalf of his business partner and their team.

After having expanded over six years to a staff of thirty with a fleet of 12 vehicles, it is hard to believe that Sean began the business out of his mother’s kitchen. ‘When we first moved to Red Gate [Warehouse Park] we needed only one warehouse. Now it seems we’re acquiring one every two years!’ Sean explained.