Fingerprinting’s not necessary

This letter is from an expatriate’s point of view with respect to the subject of the fingerprinting of work permit holders.

While one can see and understand the logic in implementing such a course of action, one cannot understand how such a small state as the Cayman Islands can afford or even need such extreme measures.

Those Caymanians who have travelled to the US know only too well the feeling of humiliation in having ones face photographed and fingerprints placed into the American database just for the luxury of a visit whether for a pleasure or business trip. So with that in mind, they should be the first to understand what an act of humiliation it is to force such an act on those who have been invited to contribute to this country’s economy and culture.

This act of forcing work permit holders to submit fingerprints is a presumption of guilt over innocence by the powers at hand. They will contend it is of no consequence to those who do not commit crimes. However, there is no guarantee that this government can protect that database form being used illegally or, at the very least, manipulated.

The bottom line is that professionals that have spent a great deal of money and years honing their particular crafts are going to feel not only slighted at having to suffer the indignation of yet another process that further humiliates and segregates them from being treated fairly, but also further drives home the fact they are in fact a second-class citizen.

This process will further drive home the feeling of servitude towards those contributing to this nation’s wellbeing and send a clear message out into the arena of professionals that they will be entered into a database as potential criminals.

There are many companies in this nation struggling to find qualified employees not only from here but in recruiting.

The idea is nonsensical and in fact when one looks over the impact it could likely have it will in fact do more harm than good. I am one of many who will not renew my contract if I am forced into giving my fingerprints. I simply do not trust this government with such personal information.

Mark Janson