Cayman Prep IT head dismissed

Cayman Prep High School has sacked the head of its information technology department after examination papers at the end of last term were compromised.

Chairman of the school’s board of directors, Bryan Bothwell, said the teacher, whose name has not been released, had handled the IGCSE examination papers prior to them being passed by the school’s examination officer to the Cambridge Examination Board.

Mr Bothwell said 11 students from Year 9 who sat the practical IT paper in April this year were affected. The Cambridge Examination Board had not, by yesterday, informed the school if the students would need to re-sit the exam or whether previous paper sat by other students would be re-examined.

‘It only specifically has to do with one practical test for the Year 9 students, not all of then, just 11 of them. We are waiting to hear from Cambridge, hopefully in a couple of days’ time, whether they will have to re-sit,’ Mr. Bothwell said.

He said the IT head, who was the teacher who taught the students, had been dismissed last week following an investigation into the irregularities in the exam papers after the Cambridge Examination Board informed the school of the problem at the end of July.

‘I cannot go into much detail, but… she was the responsible party for the paper at the time,’ he said.

Parents were informed of the issue in an emailed newsletter sent by the school’s principal, Jean Bahadur, and a letter from Mr. Bothwell on Saturday, which stated that no accusations had been made against any of the students who had sat the exam and their integrity was not in question.

The letter went on to state: ‘The school is satisfied there is no suggestion of collusion amongst the students.’

If Cambridge does not agree to issue grades on the papers, the students are likely to re-sit the examination next month. Any extra lesson and the cost of re-taking the paper, would be borne by the school.

The school strove to assure parents that this was an isolated incident. ‘The school has never in its history had any other subject examination or process questioned by an examination board,’ it stated.

Cayman Prep has invited the Cambridge Examination Board to inspect its procedures and processes. Mr Bothwell also told parents that additional controls, especially for computer-based exams, would be introduced.