Digicel finals inspire Brown

Jamaica Football Federation president Horace Burrell is hoping that his recommendation to the Caribbean Football Union for the hosting of a number of the Digicel Caribbean Cup matches at the newly constructed Trelawny Multi-stadium and Jarrett Park will serve as a catalyst for the revival of football in western Jamaica.


Brown has been honing his players for Guadeloupe.
Photo: Ron Shillingford

Cayman Islands hope to play in the finals but first they have to get through the second round in Guadeloupe next week.

Cayman coach Carl Brown is confident they can finish in the top two despite being the least fancied of the four teams that include Grenad, Guadeloupe and Martinique.

They have been training every day at the Truman Sports Complex. Captain Tom Elliot said: ‘In seven years with the national side, this is the fittest and best prepared we’ve ever been.’

It would be so satisfying for Brown to take Cayman back to his homeland and show the Jamaicans how far his side has come along in the year he has been at the helm.

Jamaica will host the final round of the Digicel Caribbean Cup between December 1 and 15.

‘It is the intention of this administration to create western Jamaica to accomplish a very special kind of resurgence in the whole business of football development,’ Burrell said.

‘I intend to set the tone against my recommendations to the Caribbean Football Union to play some of these games in the Digicel Caribbean Cup be played at Greenfield and also a few at Jarrett Park.

‘That should give you the kind of impetus to build back the whole business of football development in these parts. Let us use this as the catalyst.’

Currently, with just two teams – Trelawny’s Village United and Reno FC out of Westmoreland – participating in the Digicel Premier League, football pundits in western Jamaica are at a loss as to the reason behind the failure of especially the St James clubs to qualify for the nation’s top league.

Seba United, Violet Kickers and Wadadah- all two-time premier league champions – have failed to qualify for participation in the premiership this season.

Meanwhile, no Hanover-based club has so far contested the league.

The JFF boss expressed concerns with nose-dive of the sports in western Jamaica and has pledged his support for the revival of the game.

‘Football in western Jamaica is at a very low ebb. Let us not criticise. Let us come together and build because the talent is here in western Jamaica and let us build our football and build it back to a level where it belongs,’ said Burrell.

‘Football is the heartbeat of the people of western Jamaica and I believe as administrators we have a very important role to play in bringing back football to it’s rightful place in western Jamaica.’

Burrell, made the remarks as he addressed the Trelawny Football Association’s National Rums Major league and Division One awards presentation ceremony at Starfish Resorts in the parish last week.