Funds conference comes back to Cayman shores

The second-annual International Funds Conference will take place on 9 January 2009.

Event organizers said last year’s event, the first of its kind here in Cayman, was met with great enthusiasm and support.

‘I think everyone was impressed last year that we were able to put together such a remarkable list of internationally respected speakers and panelists in Cayman for a first year event,’ said Athony Akiwumi, head of litigation at Stuarts Walker Hersant.

Because the previous conference was so well received it was an easy decision for the sponsors to repeat the event in Cayman in 2009.

In what has been a time of extreme volatility for major stock exchanges around the world and of bankruptcy of high-profile financial institutions, there should be no shortage of topics for the one-day conference.

According to David Walker, partner at PwC, the 2009 event has an equally impressive roster of speakers as the first conference and even greater representation from overseas.

‘It is a real testament to the success of our first conference that we have been able to secure such a talented and respected roster of speakers, and that pre-booking of attendees is well ahead of last year’s pace.’

The focus of this year’s conference is not just on the risks, but also the opportunities and solutions to the current market turmoil as investors look towards the future and plan their strategies. ‘Topics will cover a wide variety of issues from regulatory requirements and due diligence to economic outlooks and Credit Default Swaps’ says Chris Lumsden Head of Fund Services for Cayman National Financial Group, ‘but it is the opportunity to interact face to face with some of the best and brightest minds in the industry that really motivates people to attend.’

This year’s conference includes speakers from Bracewell and Guiliani in Connecticut and from the Cato Institute in Washington, DC as well as many other entertaining and informative presenters. More information on the conference, including speaker bios and the agenda are available online at