Latinos crush Pirates

In what was anticipated as a Clash of Titans finals between Donald Watler’s Latinos and Jose’s Escape, Pirates turned out to be a Crushed Titan.

Latinos were crowned male softball champions as they dethroned Pirates without mercy. The finals was set up to be a best of five games, however, Latinos did not give Pirates a chance to shine as they swept through by winning three consecutive games and becoming champions.

Pirates had no formula to stop the determined Latinos offense as they crushed Pirates pitchers throughout all the games.

Donald Watler on the other hand, pitcher and sponsor of Latinos, kept Pirates batters quiet and under control.

Watler kept his composure and used his experience to dominate Pirates strong batting team and in the end earned the championship.

It was a big celebration from Latinos and their fans when the last out of the third game was made.

Westin Casuarina Resort were the major sponsors of the softball 2008 league.