Cruise spending down

Grand Cayman would be better to protect its national integrity and wondrous marine environment than to scramble and sell itself however possible to claim cruise dollars.

Across the industry there is a change in the way cruising is viewed and the Caribbean is no longer considered an exotic destination. Cruisers now tend to take more exotic and high-end trips than what is offered in the Caribbean.

Make your island better for the people who live there and for those who come back to enjoy it year after year. Many of the passengers who take cruises like the all-inclusive idea for meals and so forth. They don’t want to spend money when they get to destinations. By promoting the same shops that are at every other port, there is no special reason to buy in Cayman. Many hold out to see what is at the next port. In addition, having all the products and shops on the ships shows the cruise lines total disregard for the local economies they visit.

I would put no value in the comments of a representative from the cruise line. They want a berth provided because it is easier for them. They really don’t care about the individual destinations – business is business.

Look at what happened with the Turtle Farm and don’t be fooled again!

Regina Ecclefield