Men and the munchies

If you are a man, maybe one of the best ways you find to unwind after a hard day of work is chilling out in the front of the television with your remote control and favorite snack.


Donna Mitchell

While you cannot get fat on a remote control, the snacks can certainly play havoc with your waistline.

Let’s not discredit the value of relaxing in front of the television. It does provide relaxation and a way to tune out from mental stresses.

Managing the munchies (and this includes women, too) can aid in your goals of weight loss and healthy living.

Lifestyles with Donna suggests the following for night-time munchers:

*Eat dinner later: This was an important lifestyle change for me in order to gain control over night-time eating and lose a substantial amount of weight.

You may have heard that eating dinner late contributes to weight gain; my experience shows otherwise. The important consideration is total calories/foods consumed during the day as well as your level of activity. We can role model after European countries such as Spain and Greece where people eat later and are generally fit.

*Set a specific snack time rather than mindless munchies over hours: If this is 9pm, exercise discipline to stick with your time decision

*Choose snacks that are filling, not too fattening and which you can control. Good choices for you and your children are popcorn, rice crackers, fruits, low-sugar hot-chocolate, veggies with dip and low-fat yogurt with fruit.

*Measure a portion according to label serving sizes rather than eating out of the bag. Many of us can relate to how easy it is to eat our way to the bottom of the bag.

*Ask for support from your partner, room-mate or family to not tempt you by bringing in high-fattening snacks and eating them in front of you.

*Practice environmental control. If it’s not in the house, it’s not possible to eat.

If controlling night-time snacking is a step you wish to take, be encouraged and don’t give up if you slip up from time to time. Changing habits and losing weight is a process that takes time.

Pre-Christmas classes to help you lose weight are now beginning in October. Are there men munchers out there who would like to lose weight in a men-only group? Please email [email protected] to join.