Kids Adventure is anxious for new place

The Kids Adventure Preschool is on a quest to find a new location after their current building was sold by the owner.

Despite numerous rumours, the owner and founder of Kids Adventure, Gay Smith, insists there was never any intention to close the popular preschool.

‘Because there is such a need in the community, we can’t take closing as an option,’ Ms. Smith said.

So, when the preschool was told they had until mid-December to move, the hunt for a new location began immediately.

Searches for a building to lease ended in vain and Kids Adventure had to look for a building to purchase instead. Although this has augmented the preschool’s financial difficulties, Kids Adventure is making the most of the situation.

‘We are actually taking this as an opportunity more than anything else. We had over 80 students in January and it was not easy to accommodate them.’ Ms. Smith explained, ‘This gives us an opportunity to expand.’

However the preschool needs community assistance in order to do so.

Recently, Ms. Smith, PTA President Cheyenna Stewart, and PTA Secretary, Shanna Saunders-Best, were featured on Cayman Crosstalk where they explained the preschool’s situation.

Many members of the community called in to express their support and appreciation to Kids Adventure.

Such a show of support has boosted the spirits of Kids Adventure staff. The preschool is confident that, with enough help, they will be able to purchase an appropriate building.

The staff members of Kids Adventure realize that their new facilities must provide students with a comfortable atmosphere.

As Ms. Saunders-Best said on Cayman Crosstalk, ‘We need to find a home, not just a building.’

‘We couldn’t just stick these kids in a warehouse space. We need something with a homey environment,’ agreed Mrs. Stewart.

If a suitable building can be found, the next daunting task will be moving the preschool to the new location.

‘Just thinking about it gets me stressed,’ said Arlene Down, Principal of Kids Adventure, laughingly.

The move will be hectic primarily because it has to happen sometime during the school term.

Despite the many difficulties that the preschool is facing, with enough community support, the future looks bright for Kids Adventure.

For more information, contact the preschool at 949-2586.