So who will be flag champs?

Rhys ‘R Capone’ Ebanks (Caybrew Farm Soldiers defense) ‘In our minds the Farm Soldiers are the best, no questions asked. There is no team that can compete with us when we are on our game.

This season we’ve lost (due to them returning to school) Leslie Harvey, arguably the league’s MVP on both sides of the ball, we’ve lost Chester Hurlstone and George Bustillo both who make opposing QBs shake with fear before every snap they make.

Even with those losses we still managed to be the best defensive team in the league and we beat arguably the best dynasty – the West Bay Hellcats – quite easily last week.

Now we find ourselves in the finals for the second year in a row and the fourth finals in six years.

This game is ours to lose. We will not lose a game to a bunch of stray dogs. After the beat down on Saturday we’ll have them all neutered and sent to the Humane Society where you’ll be free to adopt one of these poor innocent abandoned Bulldogs.’