Zulu swim has long history

There will be a number of dedicated and enthusiastic swimmers primed for Zulu’s 2-mile Sea Swim on Saturday.

Inclement weather had resulted in rescheduling this exciting event.

This swim is the continuation since the original swim on 10 August 1996. Then the sponsor was C.L. Flowers and became the swim to bridge the gap between the Flower’s one-mile swim and the Pirates’ Week 5km swim.

The next four years Atlantis Adventures sponsored the swim. Back then it was always held in August.

The course changed throughout the years from a one-way 2-mile stretch to a recently designed loop course.

At the turn of the century, year 2000, there were 56 swimmers starting at Public Beach and finishing at Royal Palms.

Tina Abbott won the swim with a time of 44min.25sec. Shaune Fraser, a Caymanian Olympian, 12 years old at the time, came in second with a time of 46:53.

Heather Roffey, another Caymanian Olympian, who was 13 then, was third with a time of 48:43. Victor Thompson and Frank Flowers came in soon after.

The race also included tri-athletes such as James Bebarfeld, Toni Pinkerton and David Titcombe.

In 2001 the swim was moved to September since many families are off island in the summer.

In 2002, Neutrogena was the sponsor. Cayman’s celebrated youngsters took the podium honours.

Shaune Fraser won with a time of 42:43, Andrew Mackay, another Caymanian Olympian, a close second, with a time of 42:57 and Gilfredo Gomez-Cruz third.

Jodie Foster was the first woman with a time of 47:18, Laura Stafford a close secon and Andrea Kilam third.

The next year Shaune Fraser won again and Laura Stafford a close second. Among the swimmers were the rest of Stafford’s family, her sisters Ashley and Heidi, and her father Peter, who were regulars at all the sea swims.

Laura’s grandparents, Ann and John Stafford who had been swimming since organized sea swims began in Cayman, were amongst the well known as were Shane Foster, Victor Thompson, Frank Flowers, Roger Davies, and Celine Macken.

Hurricane Ivan cancelled the 2004 scheduled swim. The following year, the swim was once again moved, this time to October.

There weren’t as many young swimmers in the water but they seemed to get younger. Coral Tomascik – only eight – was definitely the youngest.

In 2006, Zulu’s Distributing took over the sponsorship for the first time. This Saturday will be the third time he’s sponsored it.

A relay option was added to the swim just in case the 2-mile distance was too long for some.

The overall winner was Brett Fraser, our 2008 Olympian, and Brigitte Tomascik finished first woman.

Edelgard Weiss, a 65- year-old lady, returning visitor, braved the swim that year as well!

At last year’s second annual Zulu’s 2-mile Sea Swim, the overall winner was Peter Stasiuk, with Seiji Groome a close second.

Summer Flowers won the women’s division, coming third overall. Mark Cummings was the first master swimmer to cross the finish line, a respectable seventh overall.

This year’s Zulu’s promises to be another amazing event. The 8am start, at Governor’s Beach will be an amazing experience, even for spectators.

This event will be two 1-mile loops, making it great for both competitors and spectators alike. The finish line will be back at Governor’s Beach; so come out to participate or just watch all the excitement. It looks like it should be a great race.