Allow for self protection

My deepest sympathy is extended to the grieving family of Estella.

I pray that God will comfort family members at this unfortunate time.

On a few occasions, I had the pleasure of conversing with Estella on a number of topics, including the protection of women.

Her death should motivate us into action against violent crime. We must stop asking what is Cayman coming to and start demanding our MLAs change the Penal Code, which prevents persons from carrying certain items such as pepper spray for self protection.

Each one of us will most likely be our own first line of defence against such an attack, not the RCIP; if they are not present during an attack, they will be of no use to us and can only try to understand what has happened after the fact, but by then, it will be too late for you or me, as sadly, it was for Estella.

I can only wish the Penal Code had not prevented Estella from having better means of protecting herself that night.

Friends, it could happen to you and me, if we don’t take steps to protect ourselves. Such violence can be reduced, if the rest of us would get off the sidelines and stop watching others like Estella bear a burden we should have been helping her and others carry all along.

In the past, we have advocated for constitutional protection of a person’s right of self protection. Today again we ask the Government and the Human Rights Committee to ensure that any bill of rights guarantee our right of self protection.

I often hear that the police are there to protect us, so I ask them whether the surviving family members of a victim could sue the police if they failed to protect a member of society and of course, you know the answer. Well, that is no longer acceptable!

We should present the government with a petition that would make Estella proud. Law abiding persons must be allowed to carry pepper spray, etc. for self protection.

If people are fed up and want to give law abiding persons a fighting chance against violent crime, contact me at [email protected] or 345-926-0716 and let’s do something to help prevent such attacks in the future.

Dennie Warren Jr.