Football returns to schools

With the local football league on the horizon, youngsters are set to engage in football fun.

The Department of Sports announced last week the return of its Under-15 Interscholastic Football League.

The first games in the league will be tomorrow. The George Hicks High School field will see Heritage High host Pace High while New Horizons takes on Leading Edge.

The remaining games in week 1 will take place next week. On Monday St. Ignatius square off against Triple C School at the St. Ignatius playing field while Cayman Prep hosts Eagle’s Wings at George Hicks.

All 28 games for the league take place Mondays and Wednesdays at 3pm. They are expected to last until about 5pm at which point parents are expected to go to the school to receive their kids.

The venues for the games will be split between George Hicks and the St. Ignatius playing field.

Games are slated to be played over seven weeks and conclude around the first week of December.

The teams involved are all four George Hicks High schools in Heritage, Leading Edge, New Horizons and Pace; plus Catholic, Cayman Prep, Cayman Academy and Triple C.

The league is in its third year under the direction of the Department of Sports. It has been around in years past as an informal inter-school competition.

Among the chief organizers for the league is Department official Cherry Whittaker.

She is no stranger to football. She has played in the national women’s league and organized other football leagues in the past.

Whittaker says the department’s decision to put on the league came out of a lack of competition for school children.

‘We put on the league to give the young boys something to do after school. CIFA never had a league for that group. When kids are at the middle-school level they can’t go and play in the senior league.’

According to Whittaker the league has been very successful over the years.

The gradual expansion of teams certainly bears that out. This year sees Cayman Academy joining the fray for the first time.

Though its football pedigree is a work in progress, Whittaker says the school has the ability to impress.

‘Academy is a promising side that has high potential even though they’re very new to the league.’

According to Whittaker the George Hicks schools and St. Ignatius have historically been strong teams.

‘There have always been a lot of good players. However Catholic is the team to look out for.’

Ultimately Whittaker was quick to say that like all sports leagues no one can be taken for granted.

‘There will be good play going on. All teams have the potential to win.

‘Like Mrs Molly Ann [Moore with the Department of Sports] says the ball is round and anything can happen.’