Government leaders remember Estella

Legislative Assembly members paused for a moment of silence Monday in an emotional tribute to Estella Scott-Roberts.

Sobs could be heard around the chamber as Health Minister Anthony Eden paid tribute to Mrs. Scott-Roberts before MLA’s stood, heads bowed, for a moment of silence.

‘She was an unwavering advocate for women and she fought diligently to protect those most vulnerable and victimised,’ Mr. Eden said.

‘[She] was taken from her loved ones too soon and in manner so cruel and calculated that it is hard to fathom at this time.’

Mr. Eden said the crime presents a prime case for reinstating the death penalty. He declared: ‘I have no apologies for saying that.’

Mr. Eden said the weekend’s events have left his colleagues distraught and the Cayman Islands stunned and sober.

‘This unimaginable crime is an assault on every man, woman and child in this community,’ he said.

‘I say to the individual or individuals responsible that we will not be silenced; we will not be afraid and justice will prevail.’

To the family of Estella, Mr. Eden promised ‘we will continue her work and carry her in our hearts forever.’

He called on legislators and members of the public to rally against last weekend’s violence and to show their support for Estella’s family by attending Saturday’s Silent Witness March, an annual event in support of domestic violence victims, which will be held this year in Mrs. Scott-Roberts’ memory.

The march starts at 12.30pm Saturday in front of the Government Administration Building.

‘We must stand up as a community – as a society – and condemn this savagery,’ Mr. Eden said.

‘Only we, within ourselves, can put a stop to this.’