Getting that Cayman visa

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Travel from Jamaica to The Cayman Islands has increased significantly over the last two years.

Statistics show that persons travelling from Jamaica to The Cayman Islands in 2007 increased by 34 per cent, up from 6,188 persons in 2006. Up to September 30 this year, 5,800 persons have travelled to Cayman.

The Cayman Islands authorities implemented stringent travel laws two years ago, imposing visa requirements on Jamaicans.

But what’s the procedure to obtain one?

Cayman visa officer, Paula Chen See, said the visa rejection ratio is small.

“The only part of the process that could be considered difficult is to get the police record, and that is based on the entire procedure of getting it, but it’s a simple process to get a visa,” Chen See explained.

She said the major reason for the non-approval of visitors’ visas is suspicion by the Cayman office that applicants intend to work there illegally. Those who desire to work in Cayman must first obtain a work permit.

People who are not approved may reapply a year after the most recent rejection.

However, persons may apply less than a year after the first attempt if they get special permission from The Cayman Islands.

Chen See cautions applicants that there is no guarantee of acceptance.

Single-entry and multiple-entry visas are the two categories issued by Cayman.

For a single-entry visa, persons have up to 30 days to visit. However, persons with multiple-entry visas can travel for up to three years.

Those applying for a visa can download the application form from the website at or collect a copy at the office located at Winchester Business Centre, Unit 2, 15 Hope Road.

The application takes two weeks to be processed and each applicant is required to have an in-office interview.