Dressage show gets tips from O’Connor

The Cayman Island’s Equestrian Federation hosted the second leg of the Caribbean Equestrian Association Dressage Show last weekend.

Cayman competed against Jamaica, Antigua, Trinidad, Barbados and Bermuda and will do so again over the next two months.

Cayman have benefited from competed against top riders from the region and their encouraging results indicate a lot of success in the future.

Dressage shows are held in each country and the top three dressage scores of the 16 and Under Division and 17 and Over Division are submitted to the CEA Dressage Committee and when all countries have completed their dressage show, the winning country is selected.

Cayman submitted the average score of 64.14 per cent for the 16 & Under Division. Cayman did not participating in the 17 & Over Division this year.

The show started Friday afternoon with eight entries in the 16 &Under Division all performing the FEI Children’s Preliminary Dressage Test.

On Saturday there were seven more riders performing the Preliminary Test and the United States Dressage Foundation Introductory Level Test A and some adults performing upper level dressage tests like the FEI World Dressage Challenge Elementary and Medium tests.

Organiser Jane van der Bol said: ‘We had the honour of a visit from the celebrated horse trainer Sally O’Connor, who has been involved with horses all her life, visit Cayman and attend the show.’

O’Connor grew up in England and participated in Pony Club. She is still an active dressage rider and trainer. She competed extensively on the US east coast in the early days of combined training in the United States.

Her son David was the individual gold medal winner in the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and was also a bronze and silver team medallist in Atlanta and Sydney. She is still active in the eventing and dressage arena today.