Personal alarms sell out

Personal alarms have sold out in Cayman this week in the days following the death of Estella Scott-Roberts.

The Security Centre sold its entire stock of more than 50 mini security alarms since news of Mrs. Scott-Roberts’ death broke.

Stuart Bostock, president and CEO of the company, said he had supplied information to a customer on the mini alarms, which resulted in emails on the product being forwarded widely on the island.

‘We have had these alarms in stock for more than a year. We’ve always kept a small supply of them.

‘Somebody called and asked for more information and we provided it. Then, a flyer we had with information on the alarm was sent via email to a lot of people,’ he said.

By Wednesday, all the alarms were sold out.

The Security Centre has ordered 300 more to meet demand and is expecting the shipment to arrive Friday.

The simple $19.50 alarm emits a very loud screeching noise at 120 decibels when a strap is pulled.

‘It’s not a completely 100 per cent security solution but there is a personal alarm that can draw attention,’ Mr. Bostock said.

Mr. Bostock said that most of the customers who bought the alarm were women, but there had also been some male customers buying the alarm for their wives or daughters.